Baby born without eyes nose and mouth proves doctors predictions wrong in Brazil

New Delhi. A girl born without a face in Brazil has now defeated death, proving the prediction of medical science wrong. After the birth of the baby, the doctors said that she would die in a few hours. The child’s parents were in a bad condition after listening to the doctors. The family members had also started preparing for his funeral, but then such a miracle happened, which no one had even imagined.

The girl is now nine years old. Let us tell you that Vittoria Marchioli of Barra de Sao Francisco, Brazil was born in a very rare condition. The child has a disease called Treacher Collins Syndrome. Due to this disease, 40 bones of his face could not develop. Due to the disease, the eyes, mouth and nose of the child could not develop. The doctors had said that the child would be able to survive for only a few hours.

The family members were in shock after hearing the doctors. However, the doctor’s prediction was proved wrong by the girl and two days later she was shifted under the supervision of a specialist. After a week of observation in the hospital, he was released to the care of the family.

As the child grew a little, she has had eight surgeries for her eyes, nose and mouth. Recently another surgery was done in the hospital in Texas, USA. The child’s parents Ronaldo and Jocelyn are engaged in giving her a new life with the help of people. This month the girl turned nine and celebrated her ninth birthday in the hospital. Doctors say that if the child is alive then all the credit goes to the love and care of her parents.

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