Energy crisis deepens all over the world: Lebanon plunged into darkness, Chinese factories closed, gas is getting expensive in Europe

New Delhi. Due to the lack of coal supply in India, there is a risk of black out. The power plant is not getting coal as per the requirement. Many states have expressed concern about the current situation. Earlier, many provinces in China have also been affected due to power crisis. There is a power cut for several hours. Now it is feared that in the coming days, the global energy crisis may deepen in the whole world.

Lebanon is plunged into darkness due to lack of electricity. At the same time, people in Europe are paying very high prices for natural gas. Global energy shortages and demand are increasing again due to weather. This has increased the trouble before winter. Due to this, the danger of drowning in the darkness of many countries has started looming.

According to the government data of India, only a few days of coal is left in the country’s thermal power plants. Many power plants of UP have been closed due to shortage of coal. On the other hand, the price reached $3.25 for a gallon of gasoline in the US on Friday. Natural gas in Europe is now doing a business equivalent to $ 230 per barrel in terms of oil.

Prices have risen by over 130% since the beginning of September. The prices have increased up to eight times as compared to this time last year. Natural gas prices in East Asia have risen 85% since the beginning of September. In fact, after the Corona period, when the world’s economy has started running once again, suddenly there was a crisis on the energy crisis supply chain.

crisis will increase in winter
Nikos Tsafos, an energy and geopolitical expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington-based think-tank, said, “What is most feared is how winter is going to be this time. He said that due to concern among the people, the market has deviated from the fundamentals of supply and demand. Coal and oil prices have increased due to maintaining natural gas stocks.

what is happening this crisis
Experts say that many factors are responsible behind this energy crisis. This is mainly responsible for the sudden economic boom in the world after Corona, that too when in the last 18 months, very little work has been done by various countries in the direction of removing fossil fuels. Generally, due to severe cold, energy reserves in Europe are almost exhausted. Not only this, many cyclonic storms closed the oil refineries of the Gulf countries. The energy crisis has deepened around the world due to strained relations between China and Australia and less wind in the sea.

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