Overloaded boat drown in kango more than 100 people missing

Kinshasa. More than 50 people died when a boat capsized in the Democratic Republic of Congo. About 60 people are missing in the accident. The accident happened in the Congo River. Nestor Magbado, spokesman for the governor of the northwestern province of Mongala, said 76 bodies had been recovered, while more than 60 were still missing. 39 people have also been saved safely in this accident.

The spokesman said the passengers were not counted before boarding the boat. In such a situation, the number of missing people is being estimated by looking at the capacity of the boat. He said that the search and rescue operation is going on.

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Why did the accident happen?
Magbado said the accident may have happened during the night due to bad weather or due to overcrowding. Provincial officials have declared mourning for three days.

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Boat accidents are frequent in Congo
Boat accidents are common in the Congo, as they often over-carry passengers. In February this year, a boat capsized in the Congo River in Mai-Ndombe province. In this 60 people died. More than 700 passengers were on board the boat. (with agency input)

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