BMW scooter launched on this day know what will be the price kpnd

New Delhi. German automaker BMW Motorrad India has been in discussion for some time about the launch of its upcoming scooter. Recently, the company has released a teaser, after which the curiosity of the people has increased. Many teasers and leaks have come out about BMW’s new scooter, in which the features of the scooter have been told, but the company has not shared much information officially yet. A few days ago, BMW Motorrad India also released a teaser of the maxi-scooter to be launched on its Twitter account.

Maxi-scooter launch will happen on this day- The company has confirmed on its official Twitter account that BMW company’s maxi scooter C400GT will be launched in India on October 12. After which the sale of the scooter will start. Told you that this scooter can be the most premium grade scooter in India. Many latest features will be seen in this scooter. Not only this, the engine of this scooter will be of 350 cc.

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Features of the scooter – The BMW maxi scooter C400GT has been mated to a revised Automatic Stability Control (ASC). The top speed of these scooters is being told at 139 kmph. The brakes of this scooter make the scooter driver feel comfortable. Not only this, an updated version of the scooter’s CVT gearbox has been used.

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What will be the cost of the scooter – The scooter will go on sale immediately after its launch on October 12. The cost of this scooter will be around Rs 5 lakh ex-showroom. The company has started pre-booking of the scooter, for which customers will have to pay at least Rs 1 lakh. Such an expensive scooter has not been sold in India yet. People believe that a car can be bought for 5 lakhs. Now it remains to be seen what kind of response this scooter will get in the Indian market.

It is being speculated that when the BMW Maxi-Scooter arrives in the Indian market, people can see a different kind of enthusiasm about buying it. If you are also fond of scooter then pre-book it today for BMW maxi scooter C400GT.

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