Face yoga tips 3 alphabat makes your skin glow and beautiful pra

These Alphabats Makes Your Face Beautiful : If you think that the beauty of the face can be increased only with creams and lotions, then let us tell you that you are in confusion. For a better beauty, it is very important to have the tone of the face. Apart from this, if there is aging on the face and file lines are coming here and there, then they cannot be cured with creams etc. Dahlthsite According to, it is not necessary that the skin and face can be improved with expensive creams, but if you do yoga and exercise to keep the face fit with the body, then it will help in toning the face. Glow also comes on the skin.

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what is facial yoga

Femina Wellness According to this, many times we do exercise to keep the body fit but ignore the face. But it is important to know that apart from the body, there are many muscles on the face which need to be toned with the help of exercise. With facial exercises, you not only keep the face fat free, the skin also lifts for a long time.

What is Alphabet Facial Yoga

There are 3 such letters in the alphabet letter, which we can lift our face by saying it again and again. These are “O,E,X”. To do facial exercises, you just have to say ‘O’, ‘E’ and ‘X’ repeatedly for 5 minutes in a row. When you do this, you will feel that your jaw line, neck, cheek muscles etc. will be stretched and there will be tension. By doing this, along with the glow on the face, fat will burn and the muscles will remain tight. You should reduce this yoga in the beginning and gradually increase it. Within a few months, you will start seeing beautiful jaw lines on your face and fine lines, signs of aging will not be visible on the face.

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when to do this yoga

You can do this in the bed when you wake up in the morning. Apart from this, you can also do this while working. You can do this even when you go to sleep at night.

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