High floor flats in mumbai at premium rate but cheap in delhi know the surprising reason kuld

New Delhi. Mumbai is the financial capital of the country and Delhi is the political capital. Both have a population of more than two crores. That is, the density of population of both the cities is very high and due to this the property prices are also high. However, the way of home choice of the people of both the cities is different.

In Mumbai, where people prefer to buy a house on top or high floors, the opposite trend is in Delhi. Due to this, high floor rates in Mumbai are expensive as compared to Delhi. When News18 interacted with experts and developers of the real estate sector of the country on this issue, an interesting reason came to the fore. Due to climate, land scarcity, sea and slums, people of Mumbai prefer to live on high floors.

Due to power cuts and heat, tall buildings in Delhi are less.
Anuj Puri, CEO of Anarock, a real estate research firm, says that Delhi is a hot city. There is also a power cut from above. Therefore, if the electricity goes out during the summer, then there is a lot of trouble due to heat on the upper floor. On the contrary, the heat in Mumbai remains low due to the sea. Here the weather is good at high altitude and the availability of electricity is also good.

The more you buy a flat on the higher floor, the more the cost will increase.
Niranjan Hiranandani, MD, Hiranandani Group, explains that the property market is location-based. The location of the high floor in Mumbai is favorable due to the climate and power supply. That’s why there is demand here. But the higher the building is built, the more the cost increases. That’s why property becomes expensive here as compared to Delhi.

High Floor Preference Because Of Slum In Mumbai
Ghulam Jia, executive director of real estate consulting firm Knight Frank India, says that due to the slums in Mumbai, people want to take high floors so that the view is good. Also, due to pollution, people also like to live on the high floor. C site views are also a factor. Due to the desire of high rise in Mumbai, it has 9 tallest buildings in the top ten of the country.

The cultural difference of development in Delhi and Mumbai
Urban planning expert Manoj Singh Meek says that there is land all around Delhi. Therefore, areas like Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad have developed here. Whereas most of Mumbai is surrounded by sea. For this reason, the scope for spread is less here. People want to live near the beach. That’s why people here have become accustomed to living in flats since long. Whereas in Delhi, the culture of living in flats could not develop due to government bungalows.

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