Intermittent fasting does not work due to these reasons these are the mistakes pra

Intermittent fasting does not work due to these reasons : Usually when we think of losing weight and first of all make our diet plan and think of workouts. Different types of diet plans are available on the internet these days and people fix their diet according to their convenience. One of these is a very popular dieting style and that is Intermittent Fasting. It is also becoming very popular because it is actually a lifestyle change more than dieting. TOI According to the research, apart from reducing weight, it also works to keep away many problems related to our health. Although it is not as easy as it looks. If even slightest mistakes are made then its effect will not be visible and it will be ineffective in reducing weight.

1.Different Approach

Intermittent fasting occurs when a person wants to lose weight. There is a 16-hour cycle between the fasting and eating periods in which it is decided when to eat. Actually, what is there to eat in it does not matter. But if you are careless in time then its effect can be less.

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2. Sudden Diet Changes

Many people start eating intermittent fasting by adopting a long gap on the first day itself, which is wrong. Actually, the way is that when you start fasting between meals, then first fast in a short period and gradually increase it. By doing this, there is no harm to health and your body is able to adjust to the changing diet plan.

3. Adopting the Wrong Plan for Yourself

As mentioned earlier, if you do fasting for 24 hours once instead of slowly, it will harm your health. In such a situation, make a plan and follow it slowly. Only then you will be able to do intermittent fasting in the right way. Many times people do fasting throughout the day and after that they take high calorie intake which becomes harmful.

4. Eating High Calorie Food in the Break

Some people start eating high calorie food during the gap, due to which fasting has no meaning.

5.Not following a healthy diet

Even if you eat unhealthy and fried food in the food, then intermittent fasting will not benefit you.

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6. Drink less water

Some people start drinking less water during fasting, which can cause dehydration in the body and the energy level can go down. In such a situation, drink more and more water during intermittent fasting.

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