Kriti sanon bought her dream house in mumbai may shift before diwali nodkp

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon won a lot of praise for her strong performance in her recently released film ‘Mimi’. He had mesmerized his fans and cinema lovers. He has many films in his hand at the moment. They are in the golden period of their life. Meaning she is achieving success everywhere in her life. They are climbing the ladder of achievements. She has been living in Mumbai for the last 7 years and now she has bought her house. If all goes according to plan, Kriti will be shifted to her new house in a few days.

Regarding the new house, the actress told Bombay Times that, ‘Hope I will shift to my new house soon. Work is going on and if everything goes well, I will be shifting to a new house before Diwali. Kriti Sanon gave this interview while shooting for Liva Miss Diva 2021. The actress had joined the show as a judge. It will be aired on MTV on October 16 at 7 pm.

Kriti also shared her memories related to Navratri in Delhi. She told that, along with her friends, she used to go to the fairs held at many places in the city and enjoy the traditional cuisine. People in his family used to fast on the first day and last day of Navratri. Kriti Sanon had said in an interview that ‘she is not satisfied with where she is now. There is still much left to be done. My film journey so far has been successful. I believe that the graph of your journey is like a curve and should not stop at any point. Always keep learning something or the other.

Kriti further says that ‘I do not have a film background. I had never even thought of becoming an actor. I am an engineer, but if I wanted to become an actor, I did. I keep trying to do more than what I am doing. I always want to try and learn something new. I am glad that I am slowly learning a lot and improving my acting skills.

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