Woman lt colonel hails from uttarakhand died in pune by suicide police tells reason

A woman army officer from Uttarakhand allegedly committed suicide.  (symbolic picture)

A woman army officer from Uttarakhand allegedly committed suicide. (symbolic picture)

Army Officer Suicide: Women officers of Uttarakhand were in Maharashtra due to training in military school, but why they suddenly committed suicide, a thorough investigation is being done at present, but some facts have come to the fore in the initial investigation.

Dehradun/Pune. Sensation spread after the death of a female lieutenant colonel in Pune city of Maharashtra. The police who reached the spot is engaged in the investigation and this case is being looked at initially from the angle of suicide. The incident is said to have happened in the Vanwadi area of ​​Pune and a 43-year-old female officer was serving in the army. The husband and father of this woman have also come to the fore from the army. But why suddenly the woman officer took the step of suicide, it is currently being investigated, in which there are signs of any family dispute.

The identity of this woman officer, who belongs to Uttarakhand, has not been disclosed yet, but it has been told that her posting was in Jaipur. Pune Police DCP Namrata Patil was quoted as saying that she was in Pune for the last three months for military training. According to Patil, this female army officer, who committed suicide on Wednesday morning, was a resident of Dehradun.

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Dehradun’s lady Lt. ANI tweeted regarding the suicide of Colonel.

At the same time, news agency ANI tweeted quoting Pune Police and said that the deceased was married to an officer of the rank of Colonel of the Army. The divorce case of the deceased with her husband was pending. Police also told that no suicide letter has been found from the spot, but an old letter written by the father of the deceased has definitely been found. Police say that prima facie it seems to be a case of suicide due to family dispute, but investigation is going on.

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