Dennis liquor issue raised again in Uttarakhand nodss

Dennis Liquor issue is once again heating up the politics of Uttarakhand.(File Photo)

Dennis Liquor issue is once again heating up the politics of Uttarakhand.(File Photo)

The controversy that arose in 2014 regarding Dennis liquor is once again in the news. This time after a tweet by Harish Rawat, BJP has given a strong reply. However, Harish Rawat has vehemently denied all the allegations and termed it as propaganda of BJP.

Dehradun. The controversy of Dennis liquor, which arose in 2014 during the Harish Rawat government in the state, has come to the fore once again. When former CM Rawat tweeted calling the government as Dennis lover, Minister Harak Rawat got angry and called Dennis a synonym for Harish Rawat. He said that Dennis and Harish Rawat had become synonymous with each other. Harak says that in Kumaon, the name of Denis was changed to Harda brand and in Garhwal the name of Harish Rawat was changed.
It is worth noting that in 2014, a brand of liquor named Denis came to Uttarakhand. During that time, the Harish Rawat government was accused of promoting Dennis leaving other brands. Other liquor companies took the matter to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court handed over the matter to the CCI and ordered an inquiry. After this, the CCI imposed a fine of one crore rupees on the Mandi Parishad of the Uttarakhand government.

BJP had made election issue
There were many allegations of corruption in the case. During that time, Chief Minister Harish Rawat was also surrounded by allegations. After this, during the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP made it a big issue against the Congress and especially Harish Rawat. BJP named it as Harda brand and created a wave in opposition to Harish Rawat.

Alleged change in excise policy
In 2014, one of the major allegations against the Harish Rawat government was that of changing the excise policy for this brand and awarding the contract of liquor warehouses to the market committee. Then the then Agriculture Minister Harak Singh Rawat was the head of the Mandi Committee. In such a situation, Congressmen are also raising their fingers on Harak Singh Rawat. But, Harak Singh Rawat said that he did not even know anything about the matter. Harish Rawat came to the cabinet and directly said that he has given the right of liquor warehouses to the market committee.
On the other hand, Harish Rawat has given a sharp reply in the whole matter. Rawat says that this is only propaganda of BJP. BJP spreads lies together. In fact, Sting and Dennis had nothing in common during their tenure.

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