Fashion hacks tricks for reusing your old and faded jeans

Hacks For Reusing Your Old Jeans: There are definitely old jeans in everyone’s dress collection, which may no longer fit and are faded. These are your favorite, but due to the increase in weight, you cannot wear them. Can neither give that jeans to anyone nor throw it. In such a situation, we keep them safe and remain sad. If something like this happens to you too, then today we have brought funny hacks for you. With the help of these hacks, you can use your old jeans and wear them again. So let’s know how we can use old and shortened jeans again.

1. Lose like this

To stretch tight jeans, first of all, hang the jeans in a hanger and fill hot water in a spray bottle. Now spray water around the waist and thighs with a spray bottle. Now stretch the jeans and hang them again in the hanger. Leave the jeans like this for some time. After that try wearing it. You can loose it more by trying this trick again.

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2. Tighten the jeans like this

If you have lost old jeans, then it is very easy to make it to your size. You can go to the tailor and get it stitched from the waist. If your Thai is also loose, then you should completely change it. If you like to wear loose jeans, then you can wear it only by altering it from the waist. It will give boyfriend jeans look, which is very much in trend these days.

3. If the color is off

If the color of your favorite jeans has come off and it does not look good, then you can dye them. You can also dye it with your favorite color with the help of online jeans dye center. If you are thinking of dyeing it at home, then for this you buy fabric dye from the market and leave it overnight after mixing it in hot water.

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4. Make a new dress out of jeans

You can find many such videos on YouTube in which how to make bags, belts, skirts, dresses etc. from jeans is told. You can make a new dress out of your jeans with the help of these.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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