Forbes World Best Employer 2021 Reliance is best employer in India know which company is the best in world achs

New Delhi. Forbes has released its annual list of the world’s best employers for the year 2021. The country’s largest company Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has been ranked first among Indian companies in the Forbes World Best Employer 2021 list. At the same time, Reliance is at 52nd position in the world. 750 multinational and big companies have been included in this list. A total of 19 companies of the country have made it to this list. Among the Indian companies ranked in the first 100, ICICI Bank is at 65th, HDFC Bank at 77th and HCL Technology at 90th.

Achieving this achievement in the difficult times of Corona crisis is of great importance for Reliance Industries. During the Kovid epidemic, businesses were at a standstill everywhere and jobs were being lost. In such bad times, Reliance Industries ensured that no employee’s salary is deducted. Also ensured that every employee of the company can do their job without worrying about losing their job. At the same time, the medical needs and vaccinations of the employees and their families were also taken care of. Reliance has ensured that the future of the dependents of the employees left behind due to Corona is financially secure.

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These are the 10 best employers in the world
South Korea’s Samsung has won the title of Best Employer in the World. The second to seventh place has been occupied by American companies. These include companies like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet and Dell Technology. It is followed by Huawei at number 8, which is the only Chinese company included in the first 10. At the same time, at number 9 is Adobe of America and at number 10 is BMW Group of Germany.

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List created in collaboration with Statista
Forbes, in collaboration with market research company Statista, has compiled an annual list of the world’s best employers. To determine the ranking, Statista surveyed 150,000 employees from 58 countries working in multinational companies and institutions. To be included in the list, companies have to go through many parameters. In this, the quality of experience of the employees, their evaluation about the company and their opinion about other companies in the same sector is known. Only those companies that meet in this, they get this title.

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Reliance has got many titles
Reliance’s policies for employees and the company’s work culture have received many recognitions in the past as well. Recently, the company got the status of ‘Great Place to Work Institute’. The company constantly helps the employees to be the best in their professional work. For this excellent work, she has been a part of the list of top companies of LinkedIn. The company and its various businesses have also won several HR Excellence Awards in the year 2020-21.

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