Man With Bow and Arrows Kills Five in Norway

Oslo. Norwegian A man armed with a bow and arrow killed five people on Wednesday in the southeastern city of Kongsberg. At the same time, two others were injured. Police said that they have arrested the suspected attacker. The motive for the attacks in several places in the town center of Kongsberg is unknown, but the police have not ruled out a terrorist incident. Police have identified the suspect as a 37-year-old Danish national living in Kongsberg.

Police officer Aywind Aas has confirmed the death of five people. The other two injured are in ICU. The attacker had attacked people by entering Coupe Extra supermarket. The attacker first targeted the people present at a busy intersection of the city. After that he ran towards the nearby areas.

The police had also deployed helicopters and bomb squads to chase the accused. Media reports said that the attacker was arrested from Draiman area, 25 km from the spot. During this he also tried to attack the police. He was later arrested during the raid.

Police officer Aas said, “One of the injured was an off-duty police officer, who was in a store. According to the information received so far, so far only one person has been involved in this attack. There may be an open possibility of a terrorist incident in this.”

The incident is from Kongsberg, which is 68 km from the country’s capital Oslo. It is an area with a population of about 28000 people. Let us tell you that this attack is the first such attack in Norway since 2011, in which so many people have lost their lives. Earlier in 2011, right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people, most of them youths in a youth camp.

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