Bhimtal Dam: Bhimtal Dam was built during the British period, know why the British gave it the shape of ‘S’?

Bhimtal Lake Dam nainital


Bhimtal Dam was constructed between 1884 and 1887.
Even after 135 years, it is in a very strong position.
The area of ​​Bhimtal Dam is 45.3 hectares.

Himanshu Joshi

Bhimtal. There are still many signs of the British in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The dam located near Bhimtal lake is of British era. Years old this dam is still standing as it is. This dam was constructed between 1884 and 1887. Local resident Puran Brijwasi says that the main reason for making it was to supply water to Bhabar and Terai areas during summer. Today, even after 135 years, it is in a very strong position.

Before the construction of Bhimtal Dam, Bhimtal was not developed as a hill station. This place was like a weekend getaway for the people living in Nainital. Although the lake of Bhimtal was very important, due to which this dam was built. The water collected in this dam and the ground water of Naukuchiatal was sent towards Terai Bhabar area.

Historian Professor Ajay Rawat told that during the British rule, water was supplied from May 15 to June 30, but after the departure of the British, when the barrage of Kathgodam was filled, then this dam was closed. The British had built this dam for the purpose of agriculture. Even after independence, water was supplied from this dam. However, at present there is no water supply since last few years. The area of ​​Bhimtal Dam is 45.3 hectares. Its catchment area is 17.12 square kilometer. The storage capacity of the dam is 4.59 million cubic meters.

The dam is made in the shape of an English alphabet
Dr Ajay Rawat told that stone and lime were used to build this dam, due to which it is still very strong today. This dam has been made in the shape of S of the English alphabet. It was considered to be the best design to handle the water pressure of Bhimtal Lake, due to which it was given this shape.

There is an ancient temple directly connected to this dam, which is known as Bhimeshwar Mahadev. This temple was established by Raja Baj Bahadur Chand in the 17th century.

Bhimtal Lake Dam nainital

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