Diploma course of ‘Garbh Sanskar’ is being taught in Lucknow University, know the great benefits of this course

Diploma course of 'Garbh Sanskar' is being taught in Lucknow University, know the great benefits of this course

Report :- Anjali Singh Rajput, Lucknow

In a rapidly changing environment, women and their families are often unable to decide how to take care of themselves and the health of their unborn child during pregnancy. In such a situation, they have to make rounds of the doctor for every small and big information. To get women out of this problem, Lucknow University is running a course called PG Diploma and Garbh Sanskar from the Institute of Women’s Study. In which men and women of any age can take admission. Apart from this, students can also take admission. On the need of this course, Professor Dr. Archana Shukla, the coordinator of this department, tells that nowadays in the changing environment, most of the nuclear families are there. Women do not understand what to eat, what to drink during pregnancy. What to wear, how to get up and how to sit and how to take care of their upcoming child. In such a situation, many times women make mistakes due to lack of information. Which affects their child and the child’s physical and mental Development is not possible. To overcome these problems of women This course has been started in order to fulfill its need for the .

55 years old yoga experts are also doing courses
A 55-year-old yoga expert is also doing this course. He told that he runs his own yoga center. In which he wants to give this useful information to the pregnant women who come.

This course is also giving employment

After doing this course, one can easily become a counselor in the maternity center. Under this course, one month training is done. Most of the men and women who enroll in the course have an objective that they can go to the maternity center after this course. You can become self-reliant by doing a job in India. He told that about 28 experts, including KGMU, Ayurvedic doctors and music experts, teach this course.

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