In this country of Europe, PM asked employees not to wear ties, you also know the reason

In this country of Europe, PM asked employees not to wear ties, you also know the reason


Russian company Gazprom last week cut gas supplies to Germany by 40 percent
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called it blackmail being done by Russia.
Since the Ukraine-Russia war, Europe fears Russia may cut gas supplies anytime

madrid, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has advised his office workers not to wear ties to avoid the scorching heat amid the ongoing heat wave in Europe. He has ordered the employees to follow the tie-free culture. The Prime Minister’s statement comes amid concerns expressed over the European Union’s energy crisis.

“You see, I’m not even wearing a tie,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, pointing to his open-necked shirt during a press conference in Madrid. He further said that by feeling a little more comfortable, you will use less AC and this will also save energy.

Sanchez has asked all ministers and government officials not to wear ties. He hopes that in future the private sector will also follow this. The Spanish government, like all other European countries, is preparing a draft for ‘immediate’ energy-saving measures. Russia has already cut gas supplies to Europe due to the Ukraine-Russia war. After this move of Russia, the European Union has instructed all countries to use less energy.

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Following the European Union’s decision, Spain has adopted a number of measures including encouraging a work from home culture and limiting air conditioning in offices in summer and radiators in winter. It is expected that Spain will be able to reduce its energy consumption. However, no information has been given on how much energy will be saved by doing this.

Let us tell you that the European Council recently issued a statement saying that 27 European countries, with measures of their choice, compared their average consumption over the past five years to their gas demand between 1 August 2022 and 31 March 2023. agreed to reduce it by 15 percent. In these ways, the EU wants to avoid Russia’s gas diplomacy.

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