Kanpur: Electricity department is giving a blow, why are the linemen of Kanpur cutting grass?

Kanpur: Electricity department is giving a blow, why are the linemen of Kanpur cutting grass?

Report : Akhand Pratap Singh

KanpurElectricity department constantly remains in the headlines due to its working style and corruption cases. Once again, there are allegations against the electricity department and this time the people who are accusing are not the common people, but the linemen working in the electricity department themselves. He is accused of leaving the fault of the lines and leaving the office. tasks such as cleaning and mowing are being done. Apart from this, these linemen have also made many allegations of corruption against the officers.

Whatever be the weather but there is no light, then the life of the common people is affected. In such a situation, the public is often seen complaining against the electricity department, but this time the problem is with the employees of the department, who High tension wires putting lives at risk While correcting the fault, you see in your localities. These linemen have now opened a front against the officers of their department.

There are no arrangements for safety equipment

Along with getting them engaged in personal or other works, the linemen have also told about another negligence of the electricity department. These employees allege that no equipment is provided by the department for their safety, due to which Sometimes big accidents also happen. Later, the department withdrew from its hands.

officials have no information

When the team of NEWS 18 Local reached to know about this from the officials, the officials denied these allegations and said that there are no such cases in their knowledge. Describing the allegations of grass cutting and corruption as baseless, the officers said, no such case has come to notice so far. If any case comes up, action will be taken on it.

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