Lucknow:- Meet Mamta Sanjeev Dubey, the first woman officer of UP posted as Principal Chief Conservator of Forests on Local 18.

Lucknow:- Meet Mamta Sanjeev Dubey, the first woman officer of UP posted as Principal Chief Conservator of Forests on Local 18.

Report :- Anjali Singh Rajput, Lucknow

Today on Local 18, let us introduce you to Mamta Sanjeev Dubey, the first woman Chief Conservator of Forests of Uttar Pradesh, who is a 1986 batch Indian Forest Officer. Mamta Sanjeev Dubey’s birthplace became Haryana and Karmabhoomi Uttar Pradesh. Education was written in Delhi, after that The first job was found in Uttar Pradesh itself and since then till today she has been fulfilling every responsibility she has been given. Mamta Sanjeev Dubey has also held the post of Director in Kanpur Zoo. In an exclusive conversation with the team of AtZ News Local He told that the biggest challenge in front of him these days is the frontline staff i.e. women coming in the forest guard. Because motivating the women who are coming in the forest guard and making them understand that they can also fulfill their responsibility in every way by going late at night in the forests. Because the job of forest guard has always been male dominated. The coming of this is one of the biggest meaningful change and she sees it as a challenge to make it a success.

He told that before 1980, women did not come to the Indian Forest Service and after 1980, when women started coming, they held many big positions and the old officers who have remained have made a good path for the new generation to come. Tells about her family that her father was an engineer in the railways and mother was a housewife.

elder brother inspired to become a forest officer

She tells that her elder brother was in the army and she was graduating in botany. So one day when she went to her brother’s passing parade, the brother showed the forest academy and said that you prepare to become a forest officer, you can After this he made preparations and today there is a successful officer.

Kukrail is favorite place in Lucknow

On asking her favorite place in Lucknow, she tells that there is no better place in Lucknow than Kukrail. Regarding food, she tells that she likes home-cooked food. And doing good work. She says that if you feel yourself strong then there will be no fear.

Haridwar was the most memorable

Mamta Sanjeev Dubey tells that she was posted in Haridwar in the 90s, when she got information that trees were being cut illegally, then she reached with an orderly in her jeep, then the mafia had left the wood and ran away. Then her jeep got damaged and in the middle of the night in the dense forest for about 5 km, she came to her house only with the orderly. This incident became memorable for her.

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