Meet the young entrepreneur who is helping to bring Sweet Revolution, PM Modi also praised

Meet the young entrepreneur who is helping to bring Sweet Revolution, PM Modi also praised

Lucknow, Ever since the story of Nimit Singh appeared in the famous Mann Ki Baat program, the bells of his phone have been ringing continuously. Talking about the National Beekeeping and Honey Mission by PM Modi, Nimit Singh’s start up ‘Madhumkhiwala’ was discussed. PM Modi told how Nimit, through his venture ‘Madhumakhiwala’, has not only promoted beekeeping as a means of livelihood but he is also empowering farmers by involving them in his company.

After studying engineering, Nimit Singh started beekeeping on the advice of his father. Earlier, he had traveled all over India to study farming methods and during this time he developed a keen interest in beekeeping. After growing interest, Nimit started ‘Madhumkhiwala’ in Lucknow in 2013. In the initial days, Nimit had to face a lot of problems. After not getting much success in the first two years, he decided to separate the bee production and business.

In a conversation with AtZ News, Nimit told how he involved the farmers in this campaign and taught them the tricks of beekeeping. According to Nimit Singh, he had provided the farmers with bee boxes and everything needed to make honey. After that, the honey was taken to his factory located in Barabanki to be filtered and packaged.

Today 500 bee farmers from different states are producing best quality honey with Nimit’s company.

training given to farmers
Being a new company, many big and experienced farmers were reluctant to work with Nimit Singh. Nimit then gave the test himself to the new farmers and got them to do beekeeping. Nimit had also made a rule to maintain the quality of honey. According to the rules, the farmer has to sell a part of his produce to them himself. For example, if a farmer produces 100 jars of honey, he has to sell 20 of them. This ensures that the farmer has prepared the honey with good quality as he will have to sell that honey himself.

Center’s scheme for beekeeping
Nimit’s story comes at a time when the central government has approved the ‘National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM)’ scheme for holistic promotion and development of beekeeping. The objective of this scheme is to bring ‘Sweet Revolution’ in the country by emphasizing on capacity building and training in the field of beekeeping.

employment given to villagers
Nimit has not only tried to increase the income of the farmers by engaging them in beekeeping but has also provided employment to the villagers. He, with the help of the district administration and NGOs, has engaged the families of Chainpurwa village in the work of making wax lamps, who were earlier sustaining themselves by doing illegal liquor business. Nimit told that during the first Diwali, he had sold around 12 lakh wax diyas in Lucknow.

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