New Zealand warns MPs on the use of TikTok, says China can steal data

New Zealand warns MPs on the use of TikTok, says China can steal data


New Zealand warns MPs on the use of TikTok
China can steal data
Policemen in New Zealand banned from using this app

Wellington. New Zealand lawmakers have been warned to stop using TikTok. Actually their concern is that the Chinese government can access their data. Last week, House Speaker Trevor Mallard warned all parties that lawmakers should not use the app on their parliamentary phones and devices.

It has been said in an email that doing so may pose a risk to their security. The data on your device may be accessed by the owner of Tiktok and the Chinese government. The message of the Parliamentary Service states that it has been recommended to remove this app completely. If it is being used then users must ensure ‘are they comfortable with their permissions granted on that app’. And along with this, definitely check the settings that you have not turned on the location service.

President Trump ordered a ban on Tiktok in 2020
In the year 2020, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning TikTok, citing security concerns and its proximity to the Chinese government. But Joe Biden announced that he would rescind those orders in 2021. However, after coming to power, he allowed Tiktok to remain banned.

TikTok will be back in India soon! This time, Tik Tok is preparing for entry.

It was also advised to remove this app in 2020
Let us tell you that this is not the first time that New Zealand lawmakers have been warned against the app. In 2020 also it has been advised to remove this app. New Zealand policemen were banned for using this app.

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