Only one gynecologist in Nainital’s BD Pandey Hospital, if emergency happens, the difficulty of patients will increase.

BD Pandey Hospital

Himanshu Joshi

Nainital. People from many areas are dependent on BD Pandey District Hospital in Nainital, Uttarakhand. This is the only hospital for many areas adjoining Nainital, including Narayan Nagar, Barapathar, Gairkhet, Sukhatal, Jokhia, Kailakhan, Krishnapur etc. However, the facilities of this hospital are now crumbling. The gynecologist, who has been transferred here for about 8 months, has not yet taken deployment. At present, there is only one gynecologist in the hospital, which creates a problem if more women deliver in the hospital.

In the month of November 2021 last year, Gynecologist Dr. Manju Rawat was transferred from BD Pandey District Hospital and in his place, Doctor Nisha Rani was transferred from Haldwani Women’s Hospital to District Hospital, but till now he has not taken charge in the hospital. The responsibility of conducting the delivery in the hospital rests only on the shoulders of a gynecologist.

Many times correspondence was made from the side of the hospital management and the higher officials were informed about it but the appointment of the transferred doctor could not be done till date. The real problem arises when the gynecologists in the hospital are on leave. In such a situation, pregnant women are left only with God.

Dr VK Punera, principal medical superintendent of BD Pandey Hospital, says that at present there is only one gynecologist in the hospital. If she goes on leave then there is no substitute for any other gynecologist. The demand for gynecologist has been made by correspondence at the directorate level. Hopefully a doctor will be arranged soon.

BD Pandey Hospital

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