Russia-Ukraine war: First ship carrying grain departs from Ukraine’s Odessa port

Russia-Ukraine war: First ship carrying grain departs from Ukraine's Odessa port


First shipment of Ukrainian grain since the invasion of Ukraine
Ship left for Istanbul from Odessa port
This ship is carrying more than 26,000 tonnes of maize

Kyiv. It is the first time since the attack on Ukraine that Ukraine is now pulling millions of tons of its grain out of closed warehouses. The first shipment of Ukrainian grain left for Istanbul on Monday morning from the port of Odessa. The Turkish Defense Ministry said in its statement that the ship would reach Istanbul on Tuesday. It will be inspected before it is allowed to proceed.

Significantly, after the missile attacks of Russia, Ukraine was not able to export its grains to other countries. Due to which there was a situation of food crisis in the world. Over the past several months, the two sides signed a historic agreement with Turkey and the United Nations aimed at relieving the global food crisis.

deal in istanbul
Under this deal in the Turkish capital Istanbul, Russia had agreed to provide a safe route for Ukraine’s grain exports. The United Nations, while expressing happiness over this deal, said that it will avoid the food crisis that is widespread in the world.

More than 26,000 tonnes of maize left
The ministry said that the cargo ship Rajoni has left for Lebanon. The Joint Coordination Center, an organization that looks after grain exports, said in its statement that Rajoni is carrying more than 26,000 tonnes of maize.

Ukraine’s biggest businessman killed in Russian attack, was known as Grain Tycoons

Ukraine’s biggest grain trader killed in Russian missile attack
However, the war is still going on in Ukraine. Officials in the city of Mykolaiv said on Sunday that at least two civilians were killed in a fierce night bombing. Ukrainian agricultural businessman Oleksiy Vadatursky (74) and his wife Raisa were killed in a missile attack on their home. Vadatursky owned a major grain exporter Nibulon and had previously been awarded the ‘Hero of Ukraine’ award. Ukraine’s President Zelensky, in his Sunday address, expressed condolences and paid tribute to Vadatursky’s death.

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