Skoda Kushaq Beach was closed on the highway, customers expressing anger on social media, the question raised – how safe is this car?

skoda kushaq


Skoda Kushak once again got into trouble, the car stopped in the middle of the road.
Customers are complaining continuously, but the company failed to detect the problem.
People are constantly raising questions on the safety of the car on social media.

New Delhi. Skoda India’s mini SUV Kushaq has once again received a complaint of disturbances. A Twitter user Rohit Chaddha tweeted that a woman he knew had bought a Skoda Kushak a few months back. So far this car has stopped suddenly on the middle highway 2 times. Not only this, the company has not even been able to find out the fault in the car so far. They have raised the question whether this car is safe for a woman driver?

Rohit Chadha said, “Such can not be expected from a brand like Skoda India. The Kushak marks Skoda’s entry into India’s highly competitive mini SUV segment. Poor customer service and performance will not allow them to move ahead in this category.” He said that even Volkswagen’s Tigan is not trustworthy. Let us tell you that Volkswagen is the parent company of Skoda.

skoda kushaq

Many customers have complained
There were also some more reports this week of the Skoda Kushak being closed in the middle of the road. According to a report, customers said that there is some problem with the brake system of Kushak. When he went to the service center with this, he was told that the vehicle was working as per the standards set by the company. This Skoda Kushak customer had also shared his problem on Facebook. He wrote, “The technician of the company said that there is no problem with the sound in the brakes. All Skoda vehicles have the same sound. The customer wrote that on the contrary, there was no such sound in the demo car that the technicians had brought.

Skoda Kushaq, Safety of Cars

A Skoda customer has also shared his problem on Facebook.

poll about safety
Independent filmmaker Aditi Rawal also conducted a poll on Instagram about the safety concerns arising out of the troubles in Skoda. So far, 23 percent of the people admitted that they have doubts about the safety of the Skoda Kushak. This Instagram poll of Aditi Rawal has been tweeted by another Twitter user Chaiti Narula. Please note that this poll is still ongoing.

Skoda Kushaq safety poll

Another user Chaiti Narula has shared the poll conducted by Aditi Rawal.

Specifications of Skoda Kushak
Skoda comes with 1.0L TSI engine and 1.5L EVO engine option. The 1.0 liter TSI engine generates power of 115 hp and torque of 178 Nm. At the same time, the 1.5 liter EVO engine produces 150 hp power and 250 Nm torque. The vehicle comes with manual and automatic transmission options. Its ex-showroom price is between Rs 11.29 lakh to Rs 19.49 lakh.

When AtZ News English Digital spoke to a public relations officer of Skoda, he declined to comment.

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