To prevent worms in the teeth of children, take care of these 8 things, the problem of cavity will remain away

To prevent worms in the teeth of children, take care of these 8 things, the problem of cavity will remain away


Teach children to rinse well after eating.
Always use fluoride toothpaste for brushing.

Kids Dental Care : The problem of cavity in children’s teeth is quite a common problem. This problem can happen in baby teeth and permanent teeth, anyone can. This problem starts when children start eating and sugar or food remains stuck in the teeth. Gradually, bacteria start growing in those places and damage the outer layer of their tooth. verywell health According to this, if it is to be avoided then it is necessary that at the right age, they should inculcate the habit of oral hygiene and take care of the right diet. Apart from this, getting regular checkups from the dentist is also very important in childhood. By keeping some important things in mind, we can save children’s teeth from the problem of getting cavities or insects. Let us know how to save children from cavity.

How to protect baby teeth from cavity

Teeth cleaning is necessary after eating
Whenever the child eats, make sure to rinse it thoroughly after eating it. Clean the teeth and gums of young children with a finger or with a soft cloth.

brush from the beginning
As soon as the teeth of children come out, they must clean their teeth with the help of baby soft brush and baby toothpaste.

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brush twice a day
Make a habit of brushing your child twice a day. By doing this, bacteria will not grow in their teeth and hygiene will be maintained.

using fluoride toothpaste
Doctors always recommend using fluoride toothpaste or fluoride tap water for brushing. You must definitely contact your doctor in this matter.

focus on eating
Do not make children in the habit of eating more sweet things or such snacks. They get stuck in the teeth and bacteria start growing.

Do not put food in your mouth while sleeping
If you give milk or some snacks to your children at bedtime, then put them to sleep only after brushing.

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use cup or glass
If your child drinks water with the help of a bottle or sipper, then make him a habit to drink water from a normal cup or glass. By doing this, the things stuck in his teeth will continue to be cleaned while drinking water.

Regular dental checkup required
After one year, you should keep checking the child’s teeth every six months. By doing this, any kind of problem in his teeth can be corrected even at the initial stage.

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