Village-village ‘Dengue Prevention Campaign’ of Health Department with hill songs on the tune of Hudka in Pithoragarh

Village-village 'Dengue Prevention Campaign' of Health Department with hill songs on the tune of Hudka in Pithoragarh

Himanshu Joshi

Pithoragarh. The risk of diseases is high during the rainy season. These days, due to the ever-changing weather, the number of patients with cough and fever in hospitals is also increasing. Dengue-Malaria is most at risk in the rainy season, for the prevention of which cleanliness around is very important because its mosquitoes breed only in clean water. If it is the rainy season, water is bound to accumulate around, in such a situation, under the Dengue-Malaria Eradication Program by the Health Department in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, a cleanliness campaign is going on in the rural areas of the district, in which the villagers go door-to-door to give dengue- The prevention of diseases like malaria is being encouraged, in which the villagers are also taking part in a big way.

The villagers here are celebrating this campaign as a festival. What makes this campaign stand out is the motivating the people of the village for cleanliness by singing Kumaoni songs to the beats of Hudke, a traditional mountain instrument. Giving information about this, the Chief Medical Officer of the district, Dr HS Hyanki has appealed to the people to keep their surroundings clean to prevent dengue-malaria.

When more information was taken from the block coordinator Gambhir Mehta in Munsiyari, Pithoragarh, he said that under the National Dengue Malaria Eradication Program, 119 ASHAs in more than 2200 villages of Munsiyari went door-to-door to eradicate dengue. Gone. People were motivated by cleaning public places, water tanks, wells, streams and running awareness campaigns. More than 2000 people have been associated with the villages of Munsiyari due to this campaign of the Health Department, due to which the cleanliness campaign has been successful on a large scale.

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