19 killed, 23 injured in separate bombings in Somalia; This organization took responsibility

19 killed, 23 injured in separate bombings in Somalia;  This organization took responsibility

mark. At least 19 people were killed and 23 injured in separate bomb attacks in two Somalia cities on Wednesday. Both attacks took place in the Lower Shabele area. The first incident took place in the city of Marka, where one of the attackers blew himself up. In this 13 people lost their lives, while five were injured. The second incident took place in Afgoy town, where two attacks took place. In these 7 people were killed, while 18 others were injured.

The Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. An official said the first blast took place just outside the administrative headquarters of Marka city. Mayor Abdullahi Ali Wafo was the target. The governor here, Ibrahim Adan Ali Naza, said- ‘The suicide bomber was wearing an explosive jacket. He blew himself up as soon as he reached outside the administrative headquarters. Mayor Abdullahi Ali Wafo was killed in this attack. 12 people including the attacker died.

The second explosion happened in a market
Two attacks took place at a local market in Afgoy town, the official said. 7 people were killed in these two roadside blasts. 18 people were injured. Abdukadir Idol, a former spokesman for the Afgoy district administration, said two landmines exploded. The second explosion was terrible. Rescue operation was being carried out here after the first blast. Then there was the second explosion. There is also news of the death of 2 soldiers in the blast. However, the identity of the dead is not yet known.

What is Al-Shabaab?
Al-Shabaab is a terrorist organization. Its aim is to overthrow the Somalia government formed in 2017. Al-Shabaab was born in 2006. It follows the Wahhabi Islam of Saudi Arabia. The city of Mogadishu was under the control of the Union of Islamic Courts, an organization of Sharia courts. Its head was Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. The organization was defeated by the Ethiopian army in 2006 and al-Shabaab was born. Al-Shabaab is a radical branch of the Union of Islamic Courts.

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