Badrinath Highway: Watch the terrifying video of the falling mountain… Hundreds of passengers got trapped like this

Badrinath Highway: Watch the terrifying video of the falling mountain... Hundreds of passengers got trapped like this

Rudraprayag. Have you seen the video of the mountain falling? Have you ever seen every second of stones, then trees, and then the whole mountain road falling down? Or else Watch this video with a heart. In the frightening pictures of a massive landslide near Narkota on the Badrinath National Highway, people are heard shouting the sound of run. Fortunately, no life was lost in this accident, but there was trouble for hundreds of passengers here, the wheels of many vehicles came to a halt and the passengers were seen getting upset due to the chaos.

This massive landslide took place on the Rishikesh Badrinath NH near Narkota from around 10 am on Thursday and it is a matter of surprise that till two hours after the closure of the NH, neither the men of the responsible organizations nor the machines to open the road. In such a situation, the anger of the people on the system also erupted. of the road Both the stranded people spoke of huge chaos, So the big thing is that the carelessness regarding security was also clearly visible. Only a few Home Guard personnel were seen standing among hundreds of people, the policemen reached the spot after a long time.

Passengers told how after this landslide they are facing problems of eating and drinking there for hours. Passengers also said that no machine could reach to clear the debris for hours. It is also worth mentioning that under the dream project of the central government The way private companies have made bad condition of the mountains under all-weather road construction, Due to this, danger zones have been created in many places and it is not less than any difficulty for the passengers.

What is the latest update on the way?

A part of this road, which was closed after the mountain cracking incident 24 hours ago, was opened till Thursday evening, but it was closed again shortly after. Here the highway is being closed repeatedly due to frequent landslides and falling stones. Even today on Friday morning, after being open for some time, it was stalled again. Efforts are being made to smooth this road near Narkota.

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