Canada AIDS Conference: Fourth person cured of HIV, is it possible to cure the disease now?

Canada AIDS Conference: Fourth person cured of HIV, is it possible to cure the disease now?

Ottawa. Scientists are now looking successful in their efforts to find a cure for HIV disease. US scientists have treated the fourth patient of HIV with a new technique. He is the fourth person in the world who has been cured of HIV. The patient was also battling cancer and has now been cured of both the diseases.

A 66-year-old man, named a “City of Hope” patient, was named after the California center. Actually this person was suffering from HIV disease. An American woman from New York was cured before the man was announced at the International AIDS Conference starting in Montreal, Canada on Friday.

HIV disease specialist, Jana Dictor, told AFP that the treatment process was dangerous. The patient had HIV as well as cancer. It could be promising for HIV sufferers who are also battling cancer.

Like patients in Berlin and London, the City of Hope patient underwent a bone marrow transplant for cancer treatment, and was later cured of the HIV virus. According to the information, another person, a Düsseldorf patient, is also almost on the verge of recovery and the number of people who have been cured is likely to reach five.

The patient reported that he had HIV for 31 years, a longer time than any previous patient. Being HIV+ in the 80s was a curse as he has seen many of his acquaintances die of this disease. But now antiretroviral therapy is a new ray of hope for the global 38 million people living with HIV.

Dicter said the low-intensity chemotherapy worked for the patient, potentially allowing treatment for older HIV patients with cancer. But it is a complicated process with serious side effects.

Researchers told that there are many special things in the cell with HIV. It is difficult to kill these cells because it is thin and flexible so it is difficult to detect. “This is why HIV is a lifelong infection.”

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