Darlings Movie Review: Alia Bhatt’s dark-comedy performance named Diamond shines even in the dark…

Darlings Movie Review: Alia Bhatt's dark-comedy performance named Diamond shines even in the dark...

Alia Bhatt (Alia Bhatt) has received a lot of praise this year through her superb performance in ‘Gangubaai’. So far, Alia, who is seen only as an actress, has also become a producer for the first time through her film ‘Darlings’. Perhaps this is the reason why both Alia and her fans have high expectations from this film made under the banner of their production house Eternal Sunshine. Alia, Shefali Shah and Vijay Varma starrer this film has been released on Netflix today. Alia Bhatt has chosen a topic like domestic violence as the first film of her production house, but even in all this environment, its treatment can be said to be different from any story till now. Know how this movie is.

This is the story of Badrunissa (Alia Bhatt), who falls in love with Hamza (Vijay Verma) and then gets married. The twist in this love-filled story comes when Hamza’s second form comes to the fore after drinking alcohol and he kills his wife like an animal. Badrunissa lives in a move in Mumbai and in the same move is her mother (Shefali Shah), who every day advises her daughter to get out of this marriage. But like many women, in the hope of ‘one day everything will be fine’, Badrunissa continues to bear this beating. But then something happens that the dam of his patience breaks and the twist comes in the story. Now to see how funny this twist is, you can watch this movie on Netflix.

First of all, if we talk about the story, then this story is on a very sensitive issue like domestic violence, but this story actually shows the truth which has been missing in many stories till now. Often domestic violence films show the story of a man who kills his wife every night or even day, humiliates her and the wife endures all this for years just because of the fear of the society. Often, after such stories, the fetters of a woman’s feet become a public shame. But ‘Darlings’ tells the truth, which is actually very close to the truth. Badrunisa is accompanied by her mother, who talks to her every day to get out of this relationship. There is the police, who make her realize that he is killing because she is killing. In fact, in such relationships, women often wait for the day, ‘when everything goes well.’ And often the person who kills in the night also showers love as soon as the drug wears off, also shows pampering. Simply, the wounds of the night are often healed during the day, and the woman then bears the new wounds at night for years in anticipation of the day, ‘When all will be well…’ ‘Darlings’ is quite special in that sense .

Director Jasmeet K. Reen has brought this sentiment to the screen very well. Although the performances are shining in this dark comedy, the comedy does not hold that much. In fact, if she brings something new even in the heavy scenes of the story, then it is Shefali Shah. Alia and Shefali bring great chemistry together on screen. On the other hand, the kind of husband that Vijay Verma has played, he is commendable. His gray-shade can be clearly seen on the screen.

In this 2 hour 14 minute film, the sequence does not change much in the beginning, but there are some funny twists in the last part. Although it cannot be called a masterpiece, but Darlings is a film telling a funny story in the right way. 3.5 stars to this film from my side.

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