Does the child get angry? Know, what can be the reason and how to control

Does the child get angry?  Know, what can be the reason and how to control


For anger management, you can take the help of ‘Teddy Bear Breathing’.
‘Ocean breathing’ is also effective to calm the child’s anger.

Causes of kids’ anger: Everyone gets angry at some point, even if it is a child. Everyone’s feelings are different and if someone expresses them very loudly, then someone is not able to express them in front of anyone else. If we talk about children, then many children are very stubborn and also very naughty. If the insistence of the children is not fulfilled, then they start getting angry. In such a situation, either they start crying or they get very angry.

Apart from this, there can be many reasons behind the child’s anger. Let us know what can be the reasons for the anger of the child and how this anger can be controlled.

Control child’s anger like this

teach deep breathing
moms junction According to this, teach children to do anger-pacifying exercises like taking long breaths and not doing anything for a while, just sit and relax. Get this exercise done even when you do not get angry.

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hot chocolate breathing
The child has to learn that they should feel as if there is a cup of hot chocolate in hand and he is inhaling the scent with his eyes closed and then he is letting all the air out so that the hot chocolate can cool .

teddy bear breathing
You can place the teddy bear on the baby’s stomach and show the teddy bear moving up and down according to their breath so that they can learn to do deep breathing.

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ocean breathing
In this, close your eyes with the child yourself and believe that there is a fire on the edge of the sea and that is your anger. As the sea waves come closer, the breath has to be drawn inward so that the fire can be extinguished.

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