Earthquake in Philippines: Earthquake in Philippines shaken by strong earthquake, magnitude 7.1

Earthquake in Philippines: Earthquake in Philippines shaken by strong earthquake, magnitude 7.1

Manila. Strong tremors of earthquake have been felt in the Philippines today. The epicenter of the earthquake was 14 kilometers southeast of Dolores, Philippines. Tremors of the earthquake were felt in Manila more than 300 kilometers away. The US Geological Survey says windows were broken in buildings at the epicenter. However, no casualties have been reported in the earthquake so far. There has also been no tsunami warning after the earthquake.

The US Geological Survey said the tremors were felt at 8:43 a.m. (0043 GMT) in the mountainous and sparsely populated province of Abra on the main island of Luzon. The earthquake initially measured 6.8 on the Richter scale. But after some time its intensity was 7.1.

Tremors were also felt in Metro Manila and Bulacan and Oriental Mindoro provinces. However, no information has been received about any damage or casualties so far.

There was also an earthquake in May
Several earthquake tremors have been felt in the Philippines in just a few months. On May 22, at 9:50 pm (local time), another earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale struck Bungahan, Philippines. However, there was no news of any damage in this too. The quake occurred 1 km east-northeast of Bungahan, with its epicenter at a depth of 129.0 km, initially determined at 13.9517 degrees north latitude and 120.6771 degrees east longitude, Xinhua reported.

Why does earthquake happen?
Earth is mainly made up of four layers. Inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. The crust and upper mantle core are called lithosphere. This 50 km thick layer is divided into several sections, which are called tectonic plates. These tectonic plates keep vibrating in their place. When this plate becomes very vibrating, an earthquake is felt.

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