Follow these makeup tips while applying kajal, it will not spread for long

Follow these makeup tips while applying kajal, it will not spread for long


Do not forget to clean the face before applying kajal.
Use eyeshadow and face powder to spread the mascara.

Makeup tips: Women often use kajal to decorate their eyes. But due to the humidity of the monsoon, sometimes the kajal spreads very quickly. Due to which all the makeup gets spoiled, but the face also starts looking strange. In such a situation, by following some easy tips during makeup, you can make kajal long lasting. By the way, along with enhancing the beauty of the eyes, Kajal also works to enhance the beauty of the face. However, sometimes the kajal does not stay on the eyes for a long time and also starts spreading. So let us tell you some easy makeup tips, by trying which you can stop the kajal from spreading.

keep face dry

Do not forget to clean the face before applying kajal. Also, while cleaning up, apply kajal only after drying the face thoroughly. Otherwise, there is a fear of spreading your kajal quickly.

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Avoid applying kajal over face cream

Many women prefer to apply face cream before applying kajal. Of course, the use of face cream is necessary for facial skin care. But due to the moisture of the face cream, the mascara can spread quickly. Therefore, it is better to apply kajal only after 5-10 minutes of applying face cream.

how to apply mascara

To prevent the spread of kajal, applying kajal on the crease line can be the best option. Actually, by applying kajal inside the eyes, it can spread quickly. Therefore, always apply kajal only on the crease line of the eyes.

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apply lightly

The kajal spreads quickly when the kajal is applied by pressing more. Therefore, while applying kajal, use light hands and apply kajal only on soft strokes.

Get help with eyeshadow and face powder

You can take the help of eyeshadow and face powder when the kajal spreads. The spread kajal can be easily hidden by applying eyeshadow and face powder matching the skin tone around the eyes.

use cotton

Many times there is a fear of spreading mascara due to water in the eyes. In such a situation, keep cleaning the eyes with the help of cotton earbuds. Due to which the water will not get in the kajal. At the same time, when there are tears in the eyes while applying kajal, apply kajal from the outer line to the inner line.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. English news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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