Former head of UK intelligence agency said this officer will replace Putin in Russia

Former head of UK intelligence agency said this officer will replace Putin in Russia
  • Russia slams rumors of Russian President’s ill health amid Ukraine-Russia war
  • Change of power in Russia has not happened for a long time

London, Amidst the ill health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the UK. The former head of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Service has named a possible new president of Russia. According to ex-MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlov, the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Petrushev could replace the current President of Russia.

Sir Richard Dearlov discussed a possible new Russian president during an episode of the One Decision podcast released on Thursday. Dearlov’s remarks come at a time when claims are being made that the Russian president’s health is not keeping well.

Dearlov said that Nikolai Petrushev could certainly become the President of Russia. He further said that but for how long he remains politically active it will be another question.

In the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war, rumors are swirling that 69-year-old Putin is suffering from ill health or some illness. However, Russia has dismissed these things as rumours.

Who is Nikolai Petrushev?
According to The Washington Post, Petrushev is a close ally of Putin who has attempted to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s goals in the war-torn country. Like Putin, Petrushev has also worked in the KGB, the main security agency of the Soviet Union.

According to Russia’s official website, the Security Council of Russia is a separate department of the Executive Office of the President. Petrushev is the only secretary of this Security Council.

If a new president comes to Russia, he will take power in the country after two decades of Putin’s strong rule. Under the new Russian law, Putin can now become president twice. If his health is good, Putin will keep the command of Russia till 2036.

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