How long will Russia be able to fight the war? US claims – weapons exhausted, 75000 soldiers died

How long will Russia be able to fight the war?  US claims - weapons exhausted, 75000 soldiers died

Moscow. The Russia-Ukraine War has been going on for 6 months. The Russian army is firing missiles at Ukrainian cities every day. Meanwhile, America has made a big claim. America says that so far about 75,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or injured in this war. Russia’s arms stock is more than half over. This is being described as a big setback for Vladimir Putin.

According to the Telegraph report, Western officials estimated that Russia had deployed around 150,000 troops to the Ukrainian border. Now the US has said that the exact number of casualties from both sides has only been estimated. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that 40,000 Russian soldiers have been killed, while more than 10,000 have been injured. At the same time, the name or number of soldiers killed in the war has not been disclosed by Russia.

Estimated deaths between 60 to 80 thousand
Last week, CIA Director Richard Moore estimated that 60,000 Russian soldiers had been killed or wounded. Some people consider this figure to be close to 80 thousand. Putin has also lost many generals in this fight. A few days ago, the head of Britain’s intelligence agency MI6 claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “failed” miserably in the war with Ukraine.

Missiles raining daily on Kyiv
The Russian army has once again launched a missile attack near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. This kind of aggressive attitude has been seen from Russia after the last several weeks. The Russian army has targeted the northern Chernihiv region. On the one hand, while Russia is carrying out missile attacks, Ukrainian officials announced a retaliatory action to take back the Kherson region, which is occupied by the southern part of the country. The Kherson region was occupied by the Russian army.

Will the war continue next year?
Richard Moore said that after losing a large number of soldiers in the war, Russia is desperate to increase the strength of its army. Because of this, the age limit of soldiers has been increased to 50 years. The war chief is being offered a salary of £640 per month and free medical and dental care. Russia is making these preparations in view of the coming winter, which are a sign that the war may continue next year as well.

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