Massive fire broke out in Secunderabad Club 144 year old edifice completely destroying

Massive fire broke out in Secunderabad Club 144 year old edifice completely destroying

New Delhi. One of the oldest clubs in the country Secunderabad Club A fire broke out in the (Secunderabad Club) early Sunday. Due to this the 144 year old building of Secunderabad Club was completely burnt to ashes in the fire. Fire brigade officials said that a fire broke out in this historic building at three in the morning. He told that we sent 10 fire brigade vehicles to the spot. It took three to four hours to douse the fire but by then the entire club had turned to ashes. However, the club was closed on Sunday due to Makar Sankranti. People have not been harmed in any way. The fire broke out in the building, possibly due to a short circuit, the official said.

The club was established in 1978
Fire department officials said that we had to fight hard to douse the fire as there were many flammable materials inside the club, which may have caused the explosion. This club based in Hyderabad was included in the historical heritage. Prominent heritage conservationist Anuradha Reddy told that the British had established this club in 1878. Secunderabad Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country. Anuradha Reddy is also a member of this club. Reddy is the convener of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). He said, this club is very close to my house. I came to know about this incident in the morning. I think the fire must have started due to some incident.

Club has more than 8000 members
This club, more than a hundred years old, was given heritage status by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority in 2017. This club has 8000 members. These include military officers, administrative officers, diplomats, police officers, professionals, scientists and businessmen.

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