Poland is now afraid of helping Ukraine, asks for these weapons from South Korea

Poland is now afraid of helping Ukraine, asks for these weapons from South Korea

Seoul/Warsaw. Poland, which openly helped President Volodymyr Zelensky in the war in Ukraine, is now afraid of Russia’s attack. Poland has supplied a large number of weapons to Ukraine. In such a situation, the stock of weapons with him has become empty. That’s why Poland is now going to buy 1000 tanks, 600 K9 guns and dozens of fighter jets from South Korea (Poland-South Korea Deal). Poland’s Defense Ministry has announced its plan to buy weapons. This is the same cannon that the Indian Army also uses.

According to a Reuters report, the Defense Ministry said that under this deal, Poland is going to buy 980 K2 model tanks, 648 state-of-the-art automatic K9 guns and 48 FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea. It is not yet known how many billion dollars this entire deal is worth. By the end of this year, 2 tanks of 180 will be provided to Poland by the Korean company Hyundai Rotem. These tanks will be equipped with 120 mm auto loading guns.

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These weapons will replace Soviet-era tanks
Apart from this, 800 upgraded tanks will start being made in South Korea from the year 2026. The initial 48 K9 cannon will be manufactured by Hanwha Defense this year, which will be available to Poland by this year. At the same time, the supply of 600 additional guns will start from the year 2024. From the year 2025, the manufacture of these guns will start in Poland itself. The South Korean Defense Ministry said these armed vehicles would replace Soviet-era tanks, which Poland has now donated to Ukraine in the war against Russia.

This statement of the Ministry of Defense came at a time when Poland’s Defense Minister tweeted on 22 July saying that this deal will increase Poland’s security and military strength to a great extent. Retired General Choon In Bum of South Korea’s army said that South Korea’s deal with Poland was done in one go, the biggest export deal ever.

He praised these weapons of South Korea fiercely. General Choon said that South Korea’s K9 cannon is probably the best artillery system in the world. Only Germany’s cannon comes in its collision.

Indian Army also admires South Korea’s K9 cannon
General Chun said that the FA-50 aircraft is a fighter version of the T-50, which is considered to be the best training aircraft in the world. The latest version of the K2 tank is the best weapon in South Korea right now. South Korea is continuously promoting its arms exports. America and NATO countries would now like South Korea to increase its arms exports. The Indian Army of South Korea’s K9 cannon is also a fan. It is buying in hundreds to deal with China and Pakistan. (with agency input)

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