Road not built in this village of Nainital for 50 years, compulsion to take patients on doli

Road not built in this village of Nainital for 50 years, compulsion to take patients on doli

Himanshu Joshi

Nainital. The villagers of Khurpatal’s Gram Sabha Gehna, located at a distance of about 18 km from the Nainital district headquarters of Uttarakhand, are still deprived of basic facilities like roads. Due to lack of road, the elderly, pregnant women and patients have to face a lot of trouble in transporting them. To carry the patients, a walking route of 3 to 4 km is forced to travel in a doli, which is also very difficult.

Lalit Mehra, a villager of Gehna village, while talking to AtZ News Local said that the problem of road here has been there for about 50 years. Sometimes patients die on the way to the hospital. He told that in the month of October 2020, a rural patient was being taken to the hospital, but due to poor road conditions, it took a lot of time and he died on the way.

On Monday, August 1, the villagers, under the leadership of the village head, submitted a memorandum to the provincial section of the Public Works Department and demanded that the road be connected to the motorway. He said that due to non-availability of roads, problems are often faced. The problem increases here even during the rains. The elderly have to be taken to the main road with the help of a doli or a chair.

PWD Assistant Engineer Govind Singh Janauti said that efforts were being made for the construction of the road for a long time. In the year 2016, the first approval for the construction of this road came, after which the outline was prepared and after about a year it was passed. All the paperwork regarding this was completed. However, in this regard, the Forest Department team has been requested to count the trees present in that area. As soon as the approval is received from the Forest Department, further action will also be started soon.

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