Russia occupied Ukraine’s second largest power plant, Ukraine’s concern increased

Russia occupied Ukraine's second largest power plant, Ukraine's concern increased
  • Russia launches strategic attack to bring Ukraine to its knees
  • Russia has threatened Ukraine with nuclear attack

Kyiv, After six months of the Ukraine-Russia war, Russian forces have seized Ukraine’s second largest power plant, Vuhlehirsk. In a video shared on YouTube, Zelensky’s adviser, Oleksey Erestovich, said that Russia had achieved a small strategic advantage.

Oleksey Erestovich said in the video that Russia has now come into the posture of strategic defense instead of fighting an aggressive war. Russia is carrying out strategic attacks in an attempt to undermine Ukraine’s offensive capability in the vital eastern Donetsk industrial region.

He further said that by doing this by Russia, we will reach a situation from where we will not be able to free our areas from the Russian army and we will have to be ready for talks.

Let us tell you that Ukraine wants to take an aggressive approach and recapture its southern city of Kherson, which had gone under Russian occupation recently.

Russia is strengthening the army in the three southern regions of Ukraine
According to Erestovich, a senior adviser to President Zelensky, Russia is now changing its strategies. Erestovich said that the Russian army is deploying troops on a large scale in three southern regions of Ukraine.

He further said that Russia is also sending troops to the Melitopol and Zaporizhzhya regions in the south.

Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksey Danilov, also tweeted earlier that Russia was deploying maximum troops in the direction of Kherson. However, he did not give any details of the number of soldiers.

The bridge was blown up to stop Russia
The Ukrainian army blew up an important bridge over the Dnipro River in Kherson to stop Russia. However, the Russian army says that they will cross the river with the help of pontoon bridges and boats.

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