The effect of the current political situation of the country was shown in UP TET 2019, these questions were asked

Is there any connection between the Teacher Eligibility Test (UP TET 2019) held in UP and the current political situation in the country? The direct relationship between the two cannot be claimed directly, but the questions asked in the exam are telling a different story.

Recently, two types of political discussions were in full swing in the country. The first President’s rule, which was imposed before the formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra. And the passing of the second Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) … After the passage of this law, the opposition parties accused the ruling BJP of attacking the right to equality given by the Constitution.

in UP on Wednesday teacher eligibility test In the first innings, questions related to both these issues were asked. Questions related to these two topics dominated the questions related to the constitution. Out of total 150 questions, 5 questions related to the constitution were asked. It has been asked when and in which state section 356 was used for the first time. Everyone knows that Article 356 of the Constitution is related to President’s rule. Apart from this, it has been asked that what should be the minimum age for the appointment of Governor.

Along with this, it has also been asked which country has the most flexible constitution. In which article of the constitution the right to equality is there – this question has also been asked. Looking at these questions, it seems as if the current political activities going on in the country have a glimpse of the TET question paper as well.

The first shift of UP Teacher Eligibility Test i.e. TET is over. AtZ News has complete copies of questions asked in the 1st shift exam. However, this copy has also been given to the candidates. AtZ News has taken a complete set of question paper from one such candidate.

This question paper containing 150 questions is divided into five parts. The first part is based on child development and teaching method. At the same time, the second part is of English under language and the third part is of English. Sanskrit and Urdu are its alternatives. The fourth part is related to mathematics and the fifth part is related to environmental studies. Thirty thirty questions have been asked equally from all the parts.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 08, 2020, 17:46 IST

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