The story of ‘Bharat Lal’ of the film ‘Kaagaz’ became a reality in Uttarakhand, this man has been fighting to be alive for 11 years

The story of 'Bharat Lal' of the film 'Kaagaz' became a reality in Uttarakhand, this man has been fighting to be alive for 11 years

Haldwani. You must have seen the Bollywood film ‘Kaagaz’ which came in January 2021. The film was set against the backdrop of a village in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Lal Bihari, a resident of this village, was declared dead in the documents by the government employees. Lal Bihari fought a long struggle for 18 years to prove himself alive in government documents. The character of Lal Bihari, who worked as a weaver in real life, was played by actor Pankaj Tripathi in the film Kaagaz. Lal Bihari’s name in the film is Bharat Lal. The same story as Lalbihari has come to the fore once again. This time only the place and the name of the character have changed, the story is of Lalbihari.

This story is from Betalghat tehsil of Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Harikrishna Budhalakoti here Has been declared dead in the year 1980 in government documents. The death certificate of Budhalakoti was also issued. Not only this, three drain lands in the Pangul area of ​​Budhalakoti were also sold in the year 2011. This was revealed when Budhalakoti came to get his ancestral land in his name. Then he came to know that he had died in the year 1980 on paper and his three drain land has been sold after declaring him dead.

Officers accused of collusion with land mafia

Harikrishna Budhalakoti alleges that his land has been sold with the connivance of land mafia and government officials. Harikrishna sometimes visited Betalghat tehsil and sometimes SDM Koshyakutauli, sometimes DM Nainital and sometimes Kumaon commissioner’s office. He is upset and saying sir I am alive, give me justice. He alleges that Tehsildar does not listen to him. Now this matter has reached the commissioner of Kumaon division, Deepak Rawat.

It’s a serious matter, will get it investigated

When Commissioner Rawat was listening to the problems of the people at his camp office in Haldwani, this surprising matter reached him. When Budhalakoti told his problem, Rawat was also surprised to hear. Rawat has assured the investigation that this is a serious matter and will get it investigated.

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