There are marks on the nose due to glasses, then these home remedies will help

There are marks on the nose due to glasses, then these home remedies will help


The skin feels fresh by applying rose water.
Applying aloe vera gel on the nose can fade the marks.
Pigmentation of the skin is removed by applying potato juice.

Remedies for Spectacle Marks: Nowadays most of the people wear eye glasses due to low eyesight. There is no specific age for wearing glasses, nowadays it is common for children from old age to young age to wear glasses. Wearing glasses is not a bad thing, but it is applied only for the care of the eyes. Wearing glasses while watching TV or phone and reading small letters of newspaper reduces the pressure on the eyes and keeps the eyes fine. When the power of the eyes is too low, doctors sometimes ask to wear glasses all the time. Wearing glasses regularly can make the eyes look sunken and there may be traces of spectacles on the nose. Let us know how the marks of glasses can be removed from the nose.

These home remedies will help
potato :
according to style craze Potato juice removes dead skin cells from the skin, which makes the skin glow. The enzymes present in potato hydrate the skin and provide adequate nutrition. Peeling a potato and applying its juice on the marks with glasses daily clears the skin.

rose water :
Rose water is used for skin brightening. Along with being an essential part of skin care, rose water is helpful in removing the marks on the skin. Apply rose water under the nose and eyes with the help of cotton at night and wash it off with cold water in the morning.

Honey :
Honey is being used for skin care since time immemorial. It helps in repairing healthy skin tissue and moisturizes the skin. To lighten the marks of glasses from the nose, mix milk in honey and apply it on the marks with the help of cotton and leave it for 20 minutes.

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Almond Oil Massage:
The sclerosant properties present in almond oil can reduce the pigmentation of the skin and make it even tone. Massage almond oil on the nose marks every night in circular motion and leave it and clean it with lukewarm water in the morning.

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