This dangerous weapon of Russia will hide the satellites deployed in space, know what is the specialty

This dangerous weapon of Russia will hide the satellites deployed in space, know what is the specialty
  • Capable of completely destroying the optical sensors of satellites.
  • The Laser Weapon was developed in the year 1960.

Moscow. Russia is preparing such a laser weapon that will work to hide its satellites in space from the eyes of the world. This information is available in the report in Space Review. According to the report, the idea of ​​​​making this weapon is that the optical sensors of the spy satellites of the country can be covered with laser lights. Laser technology has now progressed so much that many countries have started considering it better to cover satellites with its help.

If the Russian government is able to make such a weapon, then it will be able to protect a large part of the country from the eyes of satellites with optical sensors. Apart from this, with the help of this technology, such laser weapons can be prepared in the coming time, with the help of which satellites can be completely disabled. The first laser was developed in the year 1960 and since then it has been used in many ways.

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Lasers are used extensively in military operations. Its best use is the Airborne Laser (ABL) which was inducted by the US military. With the help of this, the American military had piled up many ballistic missiles. The ABL has been extensively fitted on the Boeing 747 and it is extremely powerful. This program was closed due to thermal management and maintenance of the chemical laser.

How will this weapon work?
The laser weapon that Russia is developing has been named Kalina. Its purpose is to completely blind the optical sensors of those satellites, which have been deployed for the purpose of intelligence. Satellites used for spying use optical sensors that are in low-Earth orbit. Some are hundreds of kilometers away from the earth. With the help of optical sensors, it takes only a few minutes to reach these satellites to a specific intelligence ground staff.

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Kalina will keep an eye on optical sensors
Kalina will continuously monitor the optical sensors and its functions will be completed by a telescope system. Kalina will be able to target any satellite that comes in its way. It is believed that it will be able to destroy the satellite installed for an area of ​​​​up to 40,000 square miles. Russia claimed in the year 2019 that it has deployed a laser system called Peresvet. However, no information was given about how successful it was. (with agency input)

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