Bhagarathi Amma did such a thing, gave the fourth class examination at the age of 105

Bhagarathi Amma did such a thing, gave the fourth class examination at the age of 105
Thiruvananthapuram. Till now we have heard that there is no age for reading, it can be started at any time, there should be only passion. We must have seen many examples of this as well. 105 year old Bhagirathi Amma living in Kollam, Kerala State Literacy Mission Participated in the examination equivalent to class IV. Bhagirathi has set an example by fulfilling her desire to study since childhood at the age of 105.

She always wanted to study, but due to the death of her mother, she had to give up her dream, because after this the responsibility of taking care of her siblings fell on her. By the time she recovered from all these things, her husband died at the age of 30 and then the responsibility of six children fell on her.

How Bhagirathi became an example for the world
The struggle of life may have kept her away from studies continuously, but she was sitting somewhere suppressing her dream and when she got the opportunity, she thought of fulfilling it. When she was appearing in her home in Kollam, the equivalent of Class IV, she was not only giving the exam but setting an example for the people of the world who wanted to study.

Bhagarathi is the oldest person associated with the mission
PS Srikala, Director of Literacy Mission, told that Bhagirathi Amma has become the oldest person to have ‘equal education’ in the history of Kerala Literacy Mission so far. Mission expert Vasanth Kumar told that Bhagirathi Amma has difficulty in writing, so she has written the solution of three papers of Environment, Mathematics and Malayalam in 3 days and her younger daughter has helped in this.

Amma’s memory is very sharp
Kumar told that even at this age his memory is sharp and neither he has any problem in seeing nor hearing. She still sings very well. He told that Amma is very happy to take part in the examination. When Amma was nine years old, she studied in the third grade and then dropped out. According to the 2011 figures, 18.5 lakh people are illiterate in the state.

105 year old Amma is deprived of pension
Amma, who studies so hard and diligently, does not have an Aadhar card, so she neither gets widow pension nor old age pension. He is hopeful that the authorities will take steps to get him pension. Last year, 96-year-old Karthiyani Amma had secured the highest marks in the literacy test conducted in the state. He got 98 marks out of 100 marks. The goal of this literacy mission of the state is to make the state fully literate in the next four years. (with language input)

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