Father killed his daughter after rape in Ratibad police reveal horrible story bhopal honor killing

Father killed his daughter after rape in Ratibad police reveal horrible story bhopal honor killing

Bhopal. In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, a father crossed all limits of cruelty with his daughter. On marrying outside the society, the accused father first raped his daughter, later put her to death. It is being told that in this rape of the father, his son has also supported him. She not only accompanies the accused but also helped in hiding the crime of the father. The mystery of the girl’s death was solved when a letter from the police was received.

The police officer probing this incident said that on November 14, we got information that the dead body of a woman and a child was lying in the forest. After that our team reached the spot and sent the body of the woman and the child for post-mortem. After that we started investigating this matter. During this, we came to know that a complaint had come a few days ago, in which a person had mentioned about the woman and the child.

Police further said that the letter had come in the name of Radheshyam, who told that a call is coming from a number and he is repeatedly asking about wife and child. According to that person, he is not able to talk to his wife since Diwali. Last time I got a call from this number, so talk to me. The complainant Radheshyam had also written the phone number in the letter.

According to the police, when he called on that number, a person told that his wife and daughter had gone to Bhopal to celebrate Diwali, the last time Radheshyam’s number was talked about, since then he could not be contacted. Due to decomposition of the body, the youth could not identify him.

The police further said that we called Radheshyam to identify the body, after which the incident could be revealed. Radheshyam told that the deceased girl had come to live with her elder sister in Bhopal. After that we questioned his elder sister.

The elder sister of the deceased woman told that her sister had run away a year ago and married in another society, after which the family broke all ties with her. Her child had developed pneumonia, which died on the day of Diwali. After this he told the whole thing to his father. Then his father and brother came home and took the sister and went to bury the child. Then after some time the father called and told that he had killed the younger sister.

As soon as the incident came to light, the police arrested the accused father and son. In the police interrogation, the accused father confessed his crime and said that before strangling the daughter, he said that you ran away and married, due to which we were not able to show our face in the society.

Inspector Sudesh Tiwari, in-charge of Ratibad police station, said that the father first raped his daughter after going to the forest and then strangled her to death. After this the accused and his son returned home after throwing the body of the girl and the child in the forest there.” He further said that the accused man admitted to raping and strangling his daughter and said that he and the family were theirs. He was angry with the girl after the love marriage was done against her wish.

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