Independence Day 2022: Congratulation poster with photo is also in trend, make this Independence Day like this in a few minutes

Independence Day 2022: Congratulation poster with photo is also in trend, make this Independence Day like this in a few minutes


Congratulation poster with photo and text is in trend these days.
Download Pix Art app in mobile to create congratulation poster.
You can put your desired photo in the congratulation poster.

Steps to Design Wishing Poster : In the age of social media, nowadays everyone congratulates each other on festivals, birthdays or anniversaries through social media, in which the congratulatory poster is very much in trend these days. You can send it to your family and friends on any special festival by creating a congratulatory poster using beautiful banner of your name or your photo. On Independence Day, most people share congratulatory posts on their Facebook page, Instagram or WhatsApp. On this Independence Day, you can also easily create a congratulatory poster with your photo in just a few minutes and also share it on social media. Let us tell you some easy tips by which you can design the poster and banner of 15th August in a few minutes.

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Follow to make Happy Independence Day Poster:

download the app
First of all, download the Pix Art application in your phone, this is a very easy and good application for photo editing, which you can easily download from Google Chrome or Google Store.

select your photo
After downloading the pics art, select any one of your good photos and try that its background should be plain.

select background image
To make a congratulatory poster, you will also need a background image along with your photo, which you can download from Google or Chrome browser.

Follow these steps to make congratulation poster-
1 – Download pics art.
2 – Open the app and click on “Edit Photo”.
3 – After clicking on edit photo, click on the downloaded background photo.
4 – After applying the background photo, you will see the option of “Add Photo” at the bottom, by clicking on which you can select your photo.
5 – After selecting the photo, set your photo where you want to put it in the background image.
6 – After setting the photo with background image, you can also add any text or message in it.
7- After designing the poster, you can see the photo in your gallery by clicking on download.

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