Pranitha Subhash: The actress, who performed aarti at the feet of her husband, replied to the trollers, saying- ‘I am traditional’

Pranitha Subhash: The actress, who performed aarti at the feet of her husband, replied to the trollers, saying- 'I am traditional'

Pranitha Subhash She is a Telugu actress and for the past several days she is being trolled for a picture. Pranitha has shared some pictures on social media while worshiping her husband Nitin Raju. After seeing these pictures, some people are praising the actress and some people are criticizing her. Responding to the trollers, Pranitha has said that everything has two sides and I am a girl who believes in customs.

Actually, on July 28, Pranitha Subhash shared pictures on Instagram. In this picture, the actress is sitting on the ground in a white colored salwar kurta and printed dupatta while her husband Nitin Raju is sitting on the chair. Nitin’s feet are on a plate and the actress is seen doing aarti-puja. With this picture of her, the actress wrote in the caption ‘Bhimana Amavasya’.

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Users are saying such things for Pranitha Subhash
There are mixed reactions on this picture. Someone wrote that ‘respect you for following Hinduism’, then someone wrote ‘Be modern but don’t forget your roots’. So there was one written ‘why only wives have to perform rituals every time, why not husbands’. One wrote, ‘What is happening and whose feet are on the plate, then one has told ‘slave culture’.

Pranitha Subhash replied
According to religious belief, on the day of Bhimana Amavasya, women worship their husbands and other men of the house, praying for their long life and observe a fast. Pranitha did too and started getting trolled. After this controversy, in an interview given to ETimes, the actress said that ‘I am an actor and this field is known for glamor, it does not mean that I do not follow customs. Along with trolls, people are also supporting me. Everything in life has two sides. 90 percent of the people have spoken well in this matter, I ignore the rest. Last year also when I was newly married, I followed this custom.

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Pranitha calls herself traditional
The actress says that ‘I am a traditional girl and believe in things related to family values, customs, Sanatan Dharma is very beautiful and I am a believer’.

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