Ramnagar: Fauji Bhai took revenge after 10 years! Such a painful death was given to a Muslim lover who cheated on his sister

Ramnagar: Fauji Bhai took revenge after 10 years!  Such a painful death was given to a Muslim lover who cheated on his sister

Haldwani. A sensational case has come to light from Ramnagar in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The surprising thing in this case of murder of a man is that the accused of murder waited for 10 years to take revenge. Eventually he got a chance and he carried out this murder on the night of 2 August. The matter came to light when the search for a missing person was started and then the police found a dead body. When the police started investigation after finding the dead body, then such a story of revenge came to the fore, hearing which everyone’s mouth was left wide open.

On August 3, the police received a complaint that a shopkeeper named Suhail did not return home since the night of August 2. The family feared something untoward. Police started investigation. According to Jagdish Chandra, SP Crime, Nainital district, the reason for Suhail’s murder was an old rivalry, the foundation of which was laid 10 years ago. When this person named Suhail Siddiqui first trapped a girl belonging to Dalit society in his love trap and then cheated. The girl was so upset by the deception of her lover that she committed suicide. Since then the fire of revenge was burning in the heart of the girl’s brother.

The police caught a young man named Bharat Arya on the charge of killing Suhail. During interrogation, Bharat revealed the murder incident. According to Chandra, Bharat told that Suhail’s father and his father’s shop were nearby. Due to this, Bharat became friends with Suhail. 10 years ago, Bharat’s younger sister also occasionally came to the shop, when Suhail trapped the minor girl in his love. He expressed his desire to marry Suhail, but Suhail retracted. Then Bharat’s sister committed suicide.

Waiting for 10 years became fatal like this

At that time the financial condition of Bharat’s family was not good, so Bharat kept on hiding his mind. Suhail also continued the process of sneezing about Bharat’s sister in talks. eventually A few years ago, Bharat got a job in the Indian Army. Due to which his financial condition also started improving. What was it now, when Bharat had come on leave from the army, then Suhail again started taunting, then Bharat could not tolerate it. But he carried out the murder not out of jealousy but by planning.

assault and attempt to conceal crime

Bharat, along with one of his friends, prepared a complete plan to kill Suhail. On the night of August 2, as soon as Suhail left for home after closing his shop, Bharat and his companions, standing some distance away, hit Suhail’s biker with a car. Then he hit the injured Suhail on the head with a rod. Not only this, Bharat and his friend Suhail’s body was thrown on the banks of sugarcane fields on Moradabad road some distance away and The corpse could not be identified, so petrol was put on the face and set it on fire.

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