Uttarakhand: History book caught in controversy, FIR lodged here, famous historian took U-turn!

Uttarakhand: History book caught in controversy, FIR lodged here, famous historian took U-turn!

Haldwani. Controversy has arisen regarding the history of Tharu and Buxa tribes. Controversy is increasing with a book of history, written by former professor of Kumaon University and famous historian Prof. Ajay Singh Rawat. Rawat’s book name ‘Composite Political History of Uttarakhand’ Is. On one page of this book there is a title named Tharu, a tribal of Terai, in which he has mentioned the statement of historian HR Neville. On these words of Rawat, the representatives of these tribes have lodged an objection and even got the FIR done. He alleges that the facts have been presented in a twisted manner.

It is written in Rawat’s book that according to the prevailing belief in the Terai region, in the thirteenth-fourteenth century, the invaders raided Rajasthan. The Rajputs were defeated in front of them. Instead of getting caught in the clutches of the tyrants, the queens saw better in running away from there with their trusted servants. They found refuge in the dense forests of the Terai. These tribals are their children born to their followers. Rawat, quoting the historian Neville, has written that ‘The children of Chamar servants who fled with the queens are Tharu and the children of blacksmiths are Buxa.’

What is the claim of these tribes?

The controversy about Neville, which Rawat has mentioned in the book, is related to these lines because It is believed among Tharus that they are the descendants of Sisodia Rajputs of Rajasthan. And Jaimal Singh, Fateh Singh and Taran Singh were his ancestors. Whereas the people of Buxa tribe living in Gadarpur, Bajpur, Kashipur and Ramnagar of Terai believe that they are descendants of some Rajput king of Rajasthan.

According to Shyam Singh, who is associated with Tharu society, Rawat has hurt the sentiments of the society and has distorted the history of these castes. With these allegations, Tharu Parishad President Dan Singh Rana has filed a case against Rawat under the SC-ST Act at Khatima police station.

University did the edge, Rawat clarified

It is worth noting that this book containing the controversial excerpt used to be part of the history syllabus in Uttarakhand Open University before 2011. instead of The university has been teaching the new syllabus for the last 11 years. According to Professor Girija Prasad Pandey, director of the School of Social Science at Uttarakhand Open University, neither any book written by Rawat is included in the university’s syllabus nor is Rawat in the university’s syllabus committee.

Rawat has also given a clarification in the whole matter. Talking to AtZ News, he said that his intention is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments because when you write history, you go through the books of old historians. “I mentioned Neville, that does not include my comment.” Despite this Rawat said ‘I have removed controversial passages from my book, so that no one’s sentiments are hurt.’ On the FIR, Rawat said that he got this information from the media and before that he had removed the controversial part.

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