Weapons finished in 6 months of Ukraine war, now Russia is using S-300 missiles

Weapons finished in 6 months of Ukraine war, now Russia is using S-300 missiles

Russia-Ukraine War News Update: The war between Russia and Ukraine has now reached the sixth month. Due to this fierce and very long war, the armies of both the countries have become exhausted, but still the period of vigorous attack and counterattack is going on. Meanwhile, the armies of Russia and Ukraine are becoming empty of weapons. Alam is that Putin’s army is now using its surface-to-air missiles S-300 to attack Ukrainian ground targets. On the other hand, the Ukrainian army has also destroyed a Russian S-300 system by retaliate strongly.

Along with this, let us know the big updates of Russia and Ukraine war…

The situation in this long war is such that the Russian Army is now using its surface-to-air S-300 missiles to attack Ukrainian ground targets. The Soviet-era S-300 missiles were first deployed in the year 1979.

As the Russian-Ukraine War entered its sixth month on Monday, Ukrainian forces said they had destroyed 50 ammunition depots of the Russian army. He said, this operation was done using the Himars rocket systems received from America.

On national TV, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov said, the high-mobility artillery rocket system HIMARS (HIMARS) from the US performed better and did not give Russia a chance to defend.

Meanwhile, Ukraine also released a video that claimed to have destroyed a Russian anti-air defense S-300 battery. Several burnt debris are visible in the video. The Ukrainian military’s Facebook post claimed it was a battery of a surface-to-air missile system.

Russia’s intelligence agency FSB claims it has busted a conspiracy to hijack Russian Air Force fighter jets. The FSB said Ukrainian agents were luring Russian pilots to return to their country with the plane. In this operation, the intelligence agencies of NATO countries supported Ukrainian agents.

The FSB also said that Ukrainian intelligence service agents and their associates involved in the operation have been identified. After the disclosure of this operation, the security of all Russian airports and military bases has been increased. Not only this, Russian pilots, high officials are also being monitored.

The statement said Ukrainian military intelligence officers, acting on behalf of their country’s political leadership, tried to recruit Russian military pilots for a reward and guarantee of obtaining citizenship of one of the European Union countries. Ukrainian officials tried to persuade Russian pilots to land fighter jets from their country’s airfields.

Ukrainian agents tried to bribe the pilots. They will be given up to $2 million in cash if they hijack the Su-24, Su-34, or Tu-22 planes, the statement said.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 26, 2022, 12:54 IST

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