Say good night to a special friend everyday? Send this special message today, smile will come on their face

Say good night to a special friend everyday?  Send this special message today, smile will come on their face


You can also send a special message to a special friend by not just saying good night.
You can also put a status on social media to show the crush.

Good Night Messages In English: It is a habit of some people to wish good night to their special friend, life partner or someone else. If only good night is wished every night, then the message may look boring and there may be no response from the front. If you want to make someone feel special, then you can send good night message in a special way.

There is nothing wrong in sending a message in a somewhat filmy or poetic style. After reading such messages, a smile will definitely come on the face of the person in front. Your friend may have had a very stressful day, so these messages of yours can act as a stress buster for them. At the same time, they will also feel that they mean a lot to you. This will make your relationship stronger. If you are not able to send this message to your crush even after wishing, then you can put a status on social media. Maybe they can see your status. In such a situation, your night is sure to be a happy one.

send these good night messages

putting dreams in your eyes
sleep you smile
good night dear

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Take the happiness found throughout the day in your arms
Have a nice night, have sweet dreams
good night sleep well

seeing you starts my day
It’s my night just by saying ‘good night’
good night dear

my dream is just like that
nice night and moonlight
the shadow of the stars and you
i miss you good night

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some habits never change
You can’t sleep without wishing good night
good night dear sleep well

Now send these special messages along with good night to your friends every day. The friendship will be strong and they will also like it very much. If you are not sure then try it.

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